Good news! If you have a consignment appointment currently scheduled, we are back to accepting your items. There are a few stipulations in place through the end of June:

1. We will accept up to 20 items, not 40 as we had done previously
2. Please go through the items you’ve set aside and choose your top 20 items.
3. If you have a Wednesday appointment scheduled after 4 p.m., we will be giving you a call to see if you can move your time to earlier in the day.
4. Through the month of June, we will continue with our temporary hours (Monday-Saturday 10-4 and Sunday 10-2.)
5. We continue to require masks per the recommendations of the CDC and the Sheboygan County Division of Public Health.
6. Home Decor consignment dates are now posted on this Facebook page, Instagram and at maggiescloset.net.
7. For those who are not comfortable shopping in person, we are continuing to run our online store so you can shop from the comfort of your home

THANK YOU to everyone who has been so supportive of the changes and tweeks we’ve made in the past few weeks. We will continue to keep you posted as we maneuver these unique twists and turns.

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