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It Is What We Do!

Consignment is a wonderful way for you to earn money on items you once loved!
Maggie’s Closet carries high-end, name brand clothing that’s in great shape and currently in style. Our space is limited so we can’t afford to take items that aren’t in like new condition.

Also, since we have four seasons in Wisconsin, we follow this guideline when accepting clothes:

***Winter Coats will only be accepted in October***

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I consign at Maggie's Closet?

The first step is to go through your items and eliminate anything that’s damaged, stained, faded or showing signs of wear.

Next, refer to the chart below. If you look at the first column, it tells you what month you need to call. Then follow it to the right, it will tell you what months you will be booking for and the final column tells you the season. For example, call in the month of May for book for August & September to bring in your fall clothing items. PLEASE NOTE, you will need to call or stop by on the first or second day of the month listed. Typically, when we start taking appointments, the two months we are opening will fill within the day!

How long are my items on the floor?

Items will be marked at full price for a minimum of 60 days. After 60 or more days, they will be marked at 50% off. If they are still available when the season ends, they are donated to the organization of our choosing or further discounted for a special sale.

What is the consignment split?

As the consignor, you receive 40% of the selling price! Prices are determined by Maggie’s Closet according to what we feel is a fair price for our customer and our consignor.

*For Appointments Please Note*

Generally, appointments are Monday-Friday between 10:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Wednesday we are open until 7p.m. so evening appointments can be scheduled. Please note, we do limit the number of items to a maximum of 30 items per visit. This allows us to get all of your items tagged and on the floor the same day they arrive. In order to make the check-in process go quickly, we ask that you please have your clothing folded neatly and freshly laundered in a box or laundry basket or plastic container. The only items we prefer brought in on hangers are formal dresses.